Delizio’s people market a wide range of high quality segment-adapted vegetable, liquid and semi-liquid oils and fats that are used in foods, supplemented by a remarkably dynamic and active customer-oriented focus, testament to the company’s knowledge of the segment, which respond to social trends that enable merchants and users to achieve a high degree of emotional and commercial satisfaction

Thanks to years of experience in the sector of edible oils and fats, our company Aveno excels in know-how and professionalism. Consequently, we were able to create a flexible concept for retailers, wholesalers, agents within the food industry and large caterers: on a daily basis, we supply a range of vegetable oils and fats, frying oils, bakery ingedients and margarines in various types of packages.

Innovation and constant process development are our priorities. Aveno owns its own in-house tank storage facilities, packaging production, bottling and blending plant. Our container terminal allows us to control, monitor and follow up every step of the production process.

We consider the port of Antwerp as our gateway to the world. And given the expertise of our shipping and forwarding department, we are able to assure our clients fast shipping routes. Aveno supplies over 700 customers in and beyond Europe.

By means of these advantages, we are able to continue to exceed our clients’ expectations!

Quality is our priority!

Our business is strictly regulated in order to constantly improve hygiene and quality standards: at all times, Delizio complies with and even exceeds these standards.

We bring oil to life!

Our vision is based on a mutual and open dialogue with our customers which results in a confidence based client relationship. Listening to and thinking for our clients is our credo!

We are service-minded!

Flexibility is the key insight of our business. Large or small deliveries… all orders are executed with the utmost care. We make it our business to meet every requirement.

Aveno, because quality matters!

Customer segment

Our client portfolio is highly diverse. We are fortunate to have customers on all continents, which are active in sectors such as:

  • Industry
  • Food production
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Food service
  • Baking

Each sector, each region and therefore each customer requires a specific approach and we are more than happy to oblige. This means that our product portfolio is also constantly expanding and currently includes more than 850 articles presently offered on the market! Therefore we are able to successfully respond to even the most diverse demands related to (frying) oils, fats and margarines.

Structure of the product range

Our product range consists of two cores in terms of production:

  • End products that require processing
    • Examples include:
      • Vegetable and animal fats
      • Solid margarines
      • Liquid margarines
      • Multi-compound frying oils
  • End products that do not require processing
    • Examples include vegetable oils such as sunflower and olive oils
    • And simple multi-compound frying oils

In terms of applications our range can be subdivided into:

  • Industry
  • The catering sector
  • Retail
  • Baking

In terms of product properties these include:

  • Margarines (solid or liquid)
  • Fats (animal or vegetable)
  • Vegetable oils (single, compound and frying oils)

If we look at our sales markets, the products can be divided into:

  • European
  • Pan-European


With over 850 active references in our range, we would go so far as to say that our product portfolio has actually developed on the basis of our customers’ requirements. In terms of application as well as packaging, the Aveno team seeks to respond as effectively as possible to our customer’s wishes and those of the future end customer. Refining specific recipes is a time-consuming endeavour that involves a great deal of laboratory work and testing. The company views this as the ultimate challenge to prove itself and establish a long-term collaboration.


We have always opted to offer a range of packaging options that is as extensive as possible in order to meet our customers’ expectations as best we can.

For the oils these range from 250 ml to 25,000 l and consist of glass, tin, PET, HDPE, ABB, IBC, drums and Flexitank packaging.

For the fats and margarines they range from 450 g to 1,000 kg, in tins, PE, bag-in-box, wrap-around, drum and IBC.


Because we want to offer our customers the best possible service, we have entered into long-term relationships with solid carriers for our distribution in Belgium and the Netherlands. This also happens mostly with Delizio branded vehicles, which comply with all applicable standards and requirements.